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What is a Fitness Software?

A Fitness Software is a software that offers tools helpful to those active in fitness activities. For example, fitness software will usually offer tools to create workout routines to be used at the gym, at home, or wherever a person works out. While fitness software don't necessarily replace personal trainers they can be quite useful to those who have an intermediate level of fitness knowledge or to those who want to take control of their fitness activities.

What are Benefits Associated with Using Fitness Software?

The main benefit associated with using a fitness software is that it encourages users to become more involved with their workout experience. Creating workout routines on your own using a fitness software will require you to set specific goals for your workout routine, which will lead to more productive and useful workout sessions. These goals can be muscle-specific (i.e. strengthening specific muscles), training type-specific (e.g. muscle power, fat-loss, etc.) or any other kind. Also, using fitness software will allow you to track of your fitness progress. Rather than just going to the gym and trying to remember what weight you used for a specific exercise the last time you went, using a fitness software will allow you to keep track of your progress.

Legacy Fitness Software

Legacy fitness software are previous versions of products for which active development has stopped.

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