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FitnessBliss Bow
Fitness Software for Bowflex®* Users

FitnessBliss Bow was specifically designed to give bowflex users the tools needed to create better bowflex routines. The fitness software features over 85 different bowflex exercises, and most major models are compatible. On top of that, every bowflex exercise is depicted by 2 illustrations which are printed directly on the workout sheets for quick and easy reference.

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Sample Bowflex
Workout Routine

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Bowflex Workout Routines

FitnessBliss Bow lets you create complete, detailed, eye catching bowflex workout routines. To view samples of bowflex workout routines created using the FitnessBliss Bow fitness software, click on the image located to the right of this text. Or better yet, click on the link below it to download the free demo.

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Bowflex Software

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FitnessBliss Bow Quick Overview

FitnessBliss Bow is a fitness software that essentially lets bowflex users create, manage and print better, fully illustrated bowflex workout routines. It does so by providing you with a huge number of bowflex exercises to choose from, by being compatible with most major models and by giving you the tools needed to easily create and manipulate your workout routines. While using FitnessBliss Bow, you will be able to add stretching, cardio and weight lifting sections to your workout routines. Every bowflex exercise is fully illustrated and its illustrations are printed directly onto your workout routine sheets. On top of that, detailed instructions for each bowflex exercise are printed along with the fitness programs for quick reference.

FitnessBliss Bow includes three different modes to help you create your bowflex workout routines.

First, “The Muscle Selection Mode” lets you pick the muscles you want to target by clicking on the 3D generated models provided. Using this mode, FitnessBliss Bow will create workout routines taking into account this choice of targeted muscles and the bowflex equipment that is available to you.

Second, “The Pre-Built Schedule Mode” lets you choose from 22 standard pre-built workout programs. 15 of those are for specific sports training (baseball, soccer, golf, hockey, etc) and seven are for specific body region improvements (firm abs, larger chest, etc.).

Third, the “Add-One-At-A-Time” Mode lets you create a bowflex workout schedule from scratch, adding one bowflex exercise at a time from the list provided.

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